Tidez - About us

Decorative wooden surfboards for on the wall, against the wall, for in the garden or anywhere. In our designs we are inspired by characteristic birds. Not only because of their cool colors and patterns, but also because of the freedom that a bird experiences. Flying through the air like a surfer on the wave. Order easily and bring the surf vibe into your home!

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Our designs

Handmade and handpainted: Five unique designs in two sizes. Check them out below:

The red rail is a bird that became extinct around 1700 on one of the islands of Mauritius. More than three hundred years later, we bring the red rail back to life in one of our designs.

The design of the Tidez Orange Oriole is based on the orange-crowned oriole. The bright orange color and long tail with characteristic upside-down V-shape are emphatically reflected in the design.

This design is named after the bluebird. According to Native American legends, the bluebird symbolizes beauty and the essence of life. With this design we have tried to express the same essence.

The Tidez Plain Swift can be recognized by its characteristic wooden look. Beautiful in its simplicity, just like the plain swift.

For this design we were inspired by the black redstart. The fast way of flying and the upright posture of the black redstart is reflected in the design through the clean and powerful lines.