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Tidez Orange Oriole 160cm

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The design of the Tidez Orange Oriole is based on the orange-capped oriole. You can recognize this bird from thousands thanks to its bright orange color. We have incorporated this orange color into the design of the board. The long tail with the characteristic upside-down V-shape is emphatically reflected in the design. We have even implemented this shape in the wood, creating a classic fishtail (also called swallowtail). This is a commonly used shape in surfing which offers more surface area and therefore more 'lift' and speed through the turns. For decoration, we find this shape especially beautiful and appropriate. The Tidez Orange Oriole is unique in our range in this regard, as it is the only one with this characteristic fishtail.

All our boards are made of mahogany hardwood. This type of wood is strong and durable and has a warm color. Our surfboards are handmade and hand painted in Bali. The Indonesian island has decades of expertise in the field of (wooden) surfboards. In addition, the warm climate on the island is ideal for shaping, painting and drying the wooden boards.

Easily hang the board on the wall via the hook on the back. The boards are provided with a protective lacquer layer, which means that they can also be placed outside.

Dimensions: 160 x 36 x 2 cm (length x width x height)

Surfing is freedom. Free as a bird (the orange oriole in this case). With the decorative surfboards from Tidez you bring a piece of this freedom into your home. Perfect for creating a nice (surfing) vibe.

Tip: looking for even more surf? Combine this board with the 60cm variant and/or one of the other designs.

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100% mahogany hardwood


Can be placed both indoors and outdoors


Provided with the FLEGT (Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade) certificate which guarantees a sustainable, legal origin of the wood